Rehart-USA, LLC, is the North American representative for Rehart GMBH, located in Ehingen, Germany. Rehart-USA, LLC, is in partnership with the parent company to represent and sell its hydroelectric equipment in the United States.
Berthold Mueller, mechanical engineer, is responsible for sales of Rehart GMBH products and services in the US.
The Rehart system provides a consistent source of power 24/7.

For additional information about REHART GMBH or REHART Group visit their websites. 

In 1983 Klaus Schülein founded Rehart GdbR with one employee in an old forge in Ehingen. Here they started with the regeneration and hard plating of wear parts for the clay and ceramics industry in Southern Germany.

Twenty-five years later, the Rehart Group is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of wear protection, as well as in hydroelectric/water lifting installations and machine construction.

Continuous growth and international activity on the world market have been impetus enough to set us new challenges every day, to be more innovative and better-performing and, at the same time, to continually develop the skills and knowledge of our employees.