Three strong and innovative partners within one group enable us to provide our customers with first-class advice, an extensive product range and a complete service.

Construction, machine construction, wear protection and new business areas, such as hydropower and water lifting installations, form our core expertise.

In 1983 Klaus Schülein founded REHART GdbR with one employee in an old forge in Ehingen. Here they started with the regeneration and hard plating of wear parts for the clay and ceramics industry in Southern Germany.


25 years later, the REHART GROUP is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of "wear protection", as well as in "hydroelectric / water lifting installations" and "machine construction".

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In 1889 Heinrich Breitenbach founded an iron foundry and machine factory in Siegen, which quickly started to specialise in the production of ceramics machinery, specifically for the tile sector.


In the second half of the last century, HEINRICH BREITENBACH had an outstanding reputation for durable, robust machinery, which could also cope with the harshest working conditions. Many machines installed in Germany and throughout the world testify to this reliable engineering. Moreover, at that time, BREITENBACH was also the contact for SOEST-FERRUM and WESERHÜTTE spare parts.

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TRIBOTEC GMBH, now called REHART GMBH THÜRINGEN, was founded in 1990, with the aim of being able to deal with customer enquiries in the field of wear protection in the new Federal states too. Very quickly our company started receiving an increasing number of enquiries from Eastern Europe, especially Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.


REHART THÜRINGEN achieved a major coup in 2000 when it plated the chain of the chainsaw, without which the rescue of the Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk", which had sunk in the Barents Sea, would not have been possible. A major success for our company!

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